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public entry.

does anyone know how to use the s2 style thing on here?
I'm trying to figure it out, but it seriously makes no sense.

I want that picture I have as my background to go in front of the "Recent :: Friends :: Archive::" etc, thing.

I have a paid account and want to make my journal look all cool and shit, but I can't figure out how.

Stupid S2.

If you know how to do such a thing in the s1 style system, I might be able to deal with that.
And I would love you forever.


Whats different between the paid account and normal account(features, cost, simplicity)?

Curiously tired,

you can have more icons, there is more customizations available (but I have yet to figure them out), your journal will load faster.
It's $25 (USD) for 12 months, and you can have... 16 icons instead of just 3.
you can pay for more too.

Ummm, it's not any simpler... or at least I dont think so.
You can also host pictures (i cant figure it out though) create polls, and post from your phone.
But other than that, I don't think there is that much difference.
I'm going to ty to eventually figure out how to make my journal all pretty and shit.
shit....i would've been able to help you up until you said you had a paid account. i dunno, it can't be that much different than a free, but with more options. the howto journal is surprisingly helpful with s1 and s2 edits, but my journal's strictly s1 because i'm such a control freak when it comes to stuff like that.
i'm emsi, by the way. i found your journal through someone else's. and i think i'll add you as a friend. because i'm weird like that....
yeah, everything ive done with my journal has been s1 freestyle.
but I know that with S2 you can do a lot more paidstyle.
and I would love for someone to teach me how, but all of the so-called tutorials out there suck asssssssss.

I added you back.
yeah...kind of....but it's better than how i tried to explain it to my friends.
"well, you kind of add the thingy there and then add it at the end with a slash in front of i-NOT A HYPHEN! A FUCKING SLASH! NOO! THAT'S AN UNDERSCORE! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! ARE YOU STOOOPID?! GIVE ME THE FUCKING KEYBOARD!"
i dunno, they seemed to like the tutorials better, but that was just them....
s1 is suposewdly the best
or so i was told
you added me.
who are you?
im a friend of xrainbowzhugzx i followed your coment on here lj. i know awkward i just added you cuzz i dunno thought it be cool to read yours ifnot ill un add you
if you want damn enter key
it's cool, I'll add you