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if you hate scene girls and their ugly short haircuts.

ps don't promote here.
It WILL be deleted and marked as spam.


since people don't seem to get this, i shall re-state
ps don't promote here.
It WILL be deleted and marked as spam.

holy fuck people are dense.


nah, braw.
i'm talking about Shit like this
scennnnnne? It's gotten out of hannnnd.

i like elongating words much too much
i know, i totally rock. hahahaha. ;X

i had to join.
the name pulled me in.
not that i wouldn't join!
either way.

you sooo = co-modddddd.
I'm goingto goo put that right fuckin noww.
Fellow Lj user,

I would like to know if you would like to join my new community.

It's not that big, we only have a handful of members, but it'd be great if you joined.


Thanks so much.

Hello--you're good for got_banned

Sorry if I made you wait--I didn't know anyone would be applying. I need to pay better attention. Sorry. ^_^()

you don't know me but....

hey, i don't know whether you ARE or know who __omgsinewave but she's posted YOUR email address as her current email address...which could cause you trouble.

if its you, then i've got to talk to you...but if its not you, then you might want to say somthing to her...

you don't know me...just incase you're wondering...i'm just letting you know.

Re: you don't know me but....

i also didnt notice that she posted a couple posts above mine....so i'm guessing its not you...so you should definatly talk to her, cuz she's been stealing shit all over the net...including MY pictures.

Re: you don't know me but....

don't worry, I've dealt with it.
the journal probably won't be used again.
sorry for the trouble you were put through.

Re: you don't know me but....

do you know who it was? or was it just some dim-witted bitch with too much time on her hands? (or both lol)

it wasn't so much the trouble i went through, as much as it was jsut annoying, and embarrassing because it made me look like a dumbass.

aw well, she's stupid for even trying. i've got friends all over the net lol, i was told as soon as it happened haha

Re: you don't know me but....

i have a feeling i know who it was, but I'd rather just use it as arsenal for later days.

it was one of those silly rating communities, wasnt it?

Re: you don't know me but....

yah she filled out an application which was just full of "OMG"s and "like"s and all that other illiterate crap. then posted all pictures of me. some people have too much time on their hands.